Enjoy a warming fire for toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate afterwards

Emergency Services and Armed Forces

Available at both Milton Country Park and Chigborough Farm and Fisheries

Sessions are currently available to teams of our Emergency services (Fire, Ambulance and Police) and our British Armed forces. These sessions are heavily subsidised and cost a minimal amount. Donations to support future sessions are gratefully welcomed.


Available at Chigborough Farm and Fisheries only

A bespoke corporate package can be booked with the main goal of fundraising for Let’s Paddle. Fun activities, challenges and races can be included. Warming up afterwards next to a camp fire with food, drink, toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate can also be arranged. For further details please contact us.

Family and Friends, Carers

Currently available at Chigborough Farm and Fisheries only

Let’s Paddle are currently fundraising to offer sessions to both adults and children suffering from mental health issues along with their carers, friends and family. These sessions will be designed to boost happiness and bonding within family units and close circles of friends. Immersion in a blue space environment will provide distraction, relief and recovery from the daily suffering and challenges faced.

To book a session at Milton country park, Cambridgeshire, please contact:

To book a session at Chigborough Farm and Fisheries, Essex, please contact: